24 Feb 2016 16:49

The FISE is back in winter wonderland in collaboration with the XDragon in China! The FISE team is putting together a Ski and Snowboard Freestyle contest, in China, at the Secret Garden Resort, on March 5 and 6. You know us, and you know our events - that means that some big names in the discipline will of course be taking part in the event. There will indeed be riders like Mathieu Crépel, Justin Morgan and Boris Mouton in snowboard, plus David Bonneville, Julien Lange, Romain Grojean and... the man who breaks the internet every time he puts out a video, mister Candide Thovex himself!

Zoom on Candide Thovex :

Candide Thovex, 33 years old, is a La Clusaz child, pretty much born on skis. Well known freerider, he's the type of guy that isn't scared of much, as we can see in the third episode of his series "One of Those Days", that went online (and quickly viral!) last Tuesday. On top of being a pro skiier, he is is a movie maker. Candide has won pretty much all the big events in this sports since 1996. We will have the great honnor to have him amongst usin China for the first edition of the Winter FISE.

To follow the event, connect to the international app WECHAT and find us at : fisechina