15 Jun 2016 19:03

The Ardèche Aluna festival starts today. Come to check out a crazy set up in a unique location, in full nature at the gateway to the Ardèche gorges and be speechless watching the tricks of the best international pro riders on the famous spine ramp that everyone loves at the FISE World Montpellier every year.

Focus today on Daniel Wedemejer, the « flying Dutchman » 26 years old BMX rider coming straight from the Netherlands and who needs no introduction !  It's been over 12 years now that Daniel Wedemeijer started riding. Since the first day, he knew he would do this his whole life. What he loves the most in BMX is always going higher and higher.

His specialty : transfers ! Thanks to his quickness and agility,  he's flowing on the park according to his desires. Following his multiple podiums during the FISE World Montpellier, he was chosen to join the Nitro Circus team on the 2013 European Tour. We also had him this past may on the FISE World Montpellier and we are very happy to have him again in Ruoms this week-end.