27 Mar 2020 15:50

Dear All,


As we face this health crisis linked to COVID-19, our priority is the health of the riders, fans, collaborators, partners and all others involved in our events.

This Friday, March 27th, I wanted to update you on the measures we have taken regarding the activities of Hurricane Group and the FISE festivals, in light of the unprecedented challenges faced by many countries. In France, and globally, we must assume our responsibilities as citizens, as event professionals, but also as passionate action sports enthusiasts.

In this exceptional situation, we have decided to limit our activities as much as possible. We have temporarily closed our production workshops and organized part-time teleworking for our employees who are invested in maintaining and continuing our activities. 

We have decided to postpone all events on the FISE calendar that were due to take place before June 1st.  FISE Montpellier, initially scheduled from May 20th to 24th, will be moved to a later date in August. We will confirm the exact date in the coming weeks.

All information will be available on the fise website and will be updated as decisions are made. At this point no event is cancelled and we are currently working on rescheduling all of our dates. The whole team is eager to resume the season, but now is the time for global solidarity to overcome this challenge. This period will also be an opportunity to enjoy other FISE content: highlights, crashes, world firsts, you can relive the most beautiful moments from FISE.

Beyond avoiding gatherings, we must adopt an approach that is as responsible as possible. For me too, it’s hard to be unable to continue practicing the sports I love, however it is by changing our habits now, that we will be able to return to our sports as quickly as possible. 


We will come back better, stronger and above all, together.





List of events to be rescheduled – New Dates Coming Soon!


03/04 - 05/04 - FISE World Series Hiroshima (Japan) 

11/04 - FISE Métropole Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (France) 

11/04 - FISE Wake Tour : Lunar (Spain)

25/04 - FISE Métropole Saint Jean de Védas (France) 

25/04 - FISE Wake Tour : TNG (France)

02/05 - FISE Wake Tour : South Wake Park (France) 

03/05 - FISE Wake Tour : Totem Wake Park (France) 

08/05 - 10/05 - FISE World Series Puyang (China) 

09/05 - FISE Wake Tour : TSN (France) 

20/05 - Finals FISE Métropole (France) 

20/05 - 21/05 - Urban Sports Summit (France) - Rescheduled to August, exact date to be confirmed in the coming weeks


20/05 - 24/05 - FISE World Series Montpellier (France) - Rescheduled to August, exact date to be confirmed in the coming weeks