Urban Sessions Brussels UCI BMX Freestyle Park -


03 Jul 2022 17:11

The crowds had gathered in Parc Josaphat to watch 12 of the world’s best BMX riders compete to be crowned champion here in Brussels.  Anthony JeanJean has been competing in FISE events since he was a youngster, inspired by the riders he saw at FISE Montpellier as a boy, and today he took home his first ever gold in the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup.


He left nothing to chance and went all out on his first run, making the most of all of the course and landing all his tricks with precision and confidence including a big double backflip straight out the gate and stylish flair 540. He had to wait a while to see if his score of 93.20 would be enough and his delight was visible as he was announced as winner.


In second place was Logan “the machine” Martin, who won an Olympic Gold Medal in last summer's Tokyo games. His first run was classic Logan, consistent and full of big tricks like a 7 bar bar, triple whip air and a 3 down whip. He had a fall on his second so stayed in the second place position.


In third place was Kieran Reilly, whose hard work over the past few years is now coming into fruition and he is becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international contest scene. This was his first official event as a recognised team GB athlete and he introduced himself to the roster in style.  He landed some stand out tricks including a 3 triple whip and double flair.



Join us for the next stop of the  UCI BMX FREESTYLE WORLD CUP in Australia.