FISE World Croatia 2016


23 Jul 2016 18:02
The Girls of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup in Osijek, Croatia.
Photo credit : Cédric De Rodot 
Right after the qualifiers, we had the chance to meet up with two of the girl participants in Osijek. Valeri Steffe, from the Netherlands and Cory Coffey the American, answered a few questions and talked about girl freestyle. 
What do you think of the FISE World stop here in Osijek?
Valeri: It's pretty awesome, they've got everything here. It's nice to be home. I was born in Croatia but lived in Slovenia for fifteen years and now I live in The Netherlands.
Cory: I think Osijek is an awesome place, it's a beautiful city to be in here along the Drava river and on top of that the course is awesome. It's been fun cruising through the city trying the different foods and meet the local people. I'm super stoked to be here and I'm really excited that they choose this city to host a UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup.

What's your opinion on the course here at the Pannonian Challenge?
Valeri: I've only been riding for one year, some of the ramps are kind of big for me and since I'm pretty inexperienced it's hard to find the lines for me to do my tricks.
Cory: I think the course is awesome. It's really big and there are a lot of obstacles on the course, big ones and small ones. It provides something for all types of riders whether you're heavy on riding street or like to ride box jumps, I mean, there are three different box jumps on the set-up here. It has transfer lines also so yeah I'm pretty pleased with the course.

What would be needed to attract more girls to ride BMX and join the World Cup?
Cory: By us just showing our presence here it shows all those Croatian women who all ride bikes every single day, "Hey why can't I try that". Maybe their kids ride, or their spouses and we're out there encouraging those women to get into BMX Freestyle. This course is going to continue to be here after this World Cup leaves so that provides an opportunity.

Are you going to follow any of the other UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup stops?
Valeri: I would love to, it's all pretty expensive with the next stops being in the USA, Canada and China. I wish I had the money to make that happen.
Cory: I plan on being at all the stops on this World Cup tour as long as I stay healthy and I'm not injured so you can expect me to show up in Denver, Edmonton and Cheng-Du. I can't wait.

Any last words?
Cory: I just want to give a shoutout to all the ladies that are out there for trying, whether you've been riding for a day or ten years or twenty years. Come on out to these events and show some support. Even if you don't think you have what it takes, still enter the Amateur class and give it a try. It's a really fun sport, any girl can do it, you just have to practice like with any sport. We need more women, I'm seeing more and more women that are starting to ride. I'm just happy to be out here myself and hope to inspire all the young girls to come to the next stops.
Valeri: Just come to the events for fun, you don't have to win. Everything is just for fun, that's what it's all about. We're all out here riding together.
Qualifiers results 
2 Coffey CORY (USA)
3 Valeri STEFFE (NED)