FISE Edmonton

Canadian crossover for Ikeda Daisuke and Richard Tury

16 Jul 2018 03:21

First in qualifying and second in the semifinals, the Japanese finally won in the final thanks to his set of super-technical tricks, completed by a McTwist on the biggest Vert of the Park which ended up convincing the judges. The Slovakian Richard Tury, who came first yesterday, takes second place thanks to his performance on the rails which always feature a trick In. He was the most technical of the contest but was closely followed by a versatile Joseph Garbaccio, who placed third thanks to the 270 lipslide 270 he added to his second run. Special mention for the fourth Adrien Bulard, who is riding high thanks to his new part New Life, where he signs a NBD by a backside tailslide on the mythical rail El Toro.

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Watch Ikeda Daisuke winning run





Watch Richard Tury run (2nd)





Watch Joseph Garbaccio run  (3rd)