FISE Edmonton

The Master of Creativity smashed it again!

16 Jul 2018 06:43

What a final we just attend as the last competition of the day. The UCI BMX Flatland World Cup was a pure blast delighted by the Canadian Golden Hour. The casual top 3 made of Jean-William Prevost, Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin. The last heat started by the back wheel rider Jean-William Prevost with a run full of speed and combos. He storms his way into first place with a massive score of 85.66 points. Matthias Dandois cuts up the whole stage trying out a bunch of new tricks. 2 uncharacteristic slips means he didn’t complete his usual perfect run and he comes away with 84.66 points enough to take 2nd place. It was then the turn of yesterday’s leader Alex Jumelin. Even though he has been on the scene for years he still surprises us with new tricks! Pulling off a 720 G Turn on the front wheel he drew massive cheers from the crowd. When the clock hit 3 minutes all the riders ran on to the stage to show respect to this amazing rider. His stratospheric run grades a 91.33 pts, a straight ticket to the golden medal.

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