FISE Edmonton

Logan Martin & Dennis Enarson face-to-face

16 Jul 2018 05:36

TWe saw the FWS 2016 winner and a BMX legend place second and third yesterday, so as you can imagine the hype for todays final was unreal!

The pressure on the young shoulders of yesterday’s leader Jake Leiva proved too much and, he couldn’t secure a place in the top 3.

The first 2 heats were crazy and we saw a bunch of gnarly tricks including a barrel roll superman seat grab by Daniel Sandoval and a massive Trix 360 landed by the youngest rider in the contest, the American Justin Dowell. Then it was time for the last heat which everybody had been anticipating since yesterday.

Two completely different riding styles were clashing for the Gold. True to himself, Dennis Enarson rode fast and aerial dropping a 360 whip transfer from the step down. As well as a tailwhip transfer from the step up to the quarter that nobody else had even though about. The Croatian Marin Rantes completed an almost perfect run featuring a massive 360 triple tailwhip which placed him second.

But it’s Logan Martin who definitely smashed it with his 720 double barspin and his flair barspin transfer which wowed the crowd. Straight after an incredible final, riders took part in an insane Best Trick contest won by two World Firsts: Joel Bondu’s triple tail whip to barspin on a transfer and Hannah Roberts' Flair Condor that has never before been done by a woman. .

Catch up on the action



Watch Logan Martin winning run


Watch Marin Rantes run (2nd)


Watch Dennis Enerson run (3rd)