FISE Chengdu -

Victory for Moto Sasaki in Chengdu!

03 Nov 2019 10:13

You could feel the tension in the air today in the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Men’s Final. 8 riders had made it through and each had 1 chance to impress the judges.

 Dominik Nekolny from the Czech Republic had managed to get through despite having had his bike misplaced by an airline. He had his bike back today and produced a smooth and consistent run packed with difficult and technical combos. He almost had a perfect run until one slip at the end which affected his score and he ended up in 3rd place. 
In 2nd was French flatland sensation Matthias Dandois. His run was stylish as always and he even added some new tricks we hadn’t seen before. 
In 1st place was Moto Sasaki from Japan who had a perfect run with difficult, stylish combos. He began with an insane combo that was  almost 1 minute long. The judges scored him a massive 91.75 pts and he walked away the winner.

Watch Moto Sasaki 's run HERE