FISE Hiroshima

Joe Atkinson is unstoppable

21 Apr 2019 11:01
World Skate Roller Freestyle Final  -  Men
The level of the riding in today’s final was incredibly high but once again no one could stop Joe Atkinson. He has been skating everyday in the off season and it showed. He looked even better than he did when he won the overall FWS 2018 title last year which we didn’t think was possible. In his run today the 720 on the step up was remarkable as he worked his way round the course picking different lines and landing unique tricks. He was scored 84.66 points by the judges to narrowly take the win. He said “ the crowd was amazing, the course was amazing, everything was sweet it was a great day.”
In second place was who many consider to be the world's best vert rider Yasutoko Takeshi. The crowd were going wild for their local hero from Kobe, Japan.  The air he was managing to grab was unreal as he literally flew around the course. Judges awarded him 84.00 points to take the second step on the podium.
In 3rd place was the Australian mad dog CJ Wellsmore. He went wild in his run packing in trick after trick, the alley-oop 270 over the box and the Fakie 5 were notable. He improved from his first run and scored 83.00 points and take 3rd place.
There's no upsetting the established order as the reigning champ tops the podium in the World Skate Roller Freestyle Final at #FISEHiroshima.
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