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UCI BMX FREESTYLE WORLD CUP - MEN : An epic semi final!

20 Apr 2019 09:35

Crédit photo : The Agency

The level was insane as the World's best BMX riders battled to go through to tomorrow's final. We had 24 riders competing who came from all over the world but by far the biggest cheer from the crowd was for local rider Rim Nakamura who qualified in 7th place.

BMX Legend Ryan Nyquist held on to the top spot for most of the competition. He produced an unbelievable run packing in trick after trick including a big 540, a stylish 720, a backflip double barspin over the box jump and a double barspin over the spine. He scored 91.87 pts which in the end was enough for 2nd place.
He was beaten to the top spot by Logan Martin. The rider from Australia is a former FISE and UCI BMX champion. His riding is so precise and he landed everything cleanly including an insane quadruple tailwhip and a backflip 1 foot 1 hander. He scored 93.50 points to take the top spot.
In 3rd place was yesterday's top place qualifier Kevin Peraza who was a delight to watch.He flowed around the course with so much energy. He landed a 360 tabletop out of a tailwhip, a fakie ally-oop tailwhip and a cool nose press wrap around. The Pedal grind across the box he pulled was magical normally we just don't see people do that, so original.
The big shock of the competition was that FISE World Series 2018 champion Marin Rantes did not place high enough to go into tomorrow's final.
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