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Alberto GOMEZ wins the final FIG Parkour SpeedRun

01 Jun 2019 19:52

On Friday at 15:30, the men's FIG Parkour Speed ​​Run qualifications were held. 27 athletes were in competition and only 8 qualified for the finals. On this event, only speed counts, there is no execution of tricks just a race against the clock and each run is timed. The goal is to go as fast as possible from one end of the Parkour Aréa to the other and to cross the finish line as quickly as possible, or at least before the other competitors.

There were surprises in those qualifiers and some of the favorite athletes did not qualify, while some outsiders managed to reach the finals.

This Saturday afternoon, under the heat of the FISE and in front of the crowd ever increasing in size, the finals of this superb competition took place. The athletes were in good shape, over-motivated and galvanized by the audience who came to applaud and encourage them. The heat did not scare them. As proof, the first 6 athletes in the list did not exceed 11 seconds during their first run, a real feat!

The three winners who were able to reach the podium were in order:

Alberto GOMEZ (Spain), who came in first place with a run of 10.24 seconds.

Christian HARMAT (Switzerland), in second place with a run of 10.65 seconds

Oleksandr TITARENKO (Ukraine) came third with a run of 10.77 seconds

Congratulations to all three! A very nice competition that delighted the athletes, all happy to have participated in FISE Montpellier 2019, and enhanced by the public judging by the cheers of the crowd.