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Aleksandra SHEVCHENKO wins FIG Parkour Freestyle Women

01 Jun 2019 20:56

On Friday at 14:05 the women's FIG Freestyle Parkour competitions were held. 12 athletes were in competition and only 8 qualified for the finals. This test consists of completing tricks on the different modules of the Parkour Area. Athletes are scored on 3 main criteria: Difficulty of tricks, composition (use of modules, space ...) and execution (reception, technique ...). So a very difficult test, which requires extreme concentration from the athletes who must excel to achieve their best tricks and impress the judges. Among the qualifiers, we find the two winners of the Parkour Speed ​​Run Hiroshima competition: Hikari IZUMI, here in 4th place and Aleksandra SHEVCHENKO who finished in first position in the qualifications.

The final stages of the competition took place this Saturday afternoon around 17h, in front of a very large crowd. The athletes were at their best and offered us great runs! Encouraged by the crowd, the level was exceptionally high!

It was finally the Russian athlete Aleksandra SHEVCHENKO who won and took home the gold medal with a score of 24.5.

Second place was Adela MERKOVA of the Czech Republic, who won the silver medal with a similar score of 24.5 (the two athletes were separated according to their marks during the qualifications).

The Japanese Hikari IZUMI was third place on the podium with a score of 23, following an exceptional run in which she injured her shin ... We still hope to see her tomorrow at the Parkour Speed ​​Run finals as she qualified in first place this morning.

The three athletes climbed onto the podium with thunderous applause from the audience!

Whether Freestyle or Speed ​​Run, Parkour is a discipline that doesn’t fail to impress!