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BMX Spine Ramp - Qualification- Men

01 Jun 2019 11:49

Last year Ratty Matty rode with a very tiny underwear and a leather jacket. This year Spanish friends Sergio Layos and Danny Leon improvised a little choreography. The first one is a bmx legend, a true pioneer in stylish riding, the second is the very capable and flying skateboarder, both are wearing red and blue helmet that obviously gave them wings, and all this friendship should transpire in a photo somewhere.


But for now, let’s celebrate with the one and only Catfish, and always enthusiastic MC and true BMX lover. With him on the deck, the riders are always pushing themselves, for themselves, for the crowd and also because Catfish is just too funny. Look at Kostya Andreev pulling for the love his decade to footjam to whip out. If you like tricks this ramp will provide them. It is made for continuous action, no pedalling and a good mix of air and technical wizardry. No surprise to see Dennis Enarson on top of the session, he is simply the most gifted rider on the planet. Most of the big names expected tonight will actually be there tomorrow from Justin Dowell, to Jason Watts to Mark Webb who always shines on this stage. The show must and will go on tomorrow evening ; be sure to be there to enjoy the return of Darryl Nau, another deep and talented voice in BMX.s

Videos of the winning runs :

If you missed qualifying last night, here's the video of the best moments:

Final starts at 9.20pm local time on FISE Channels (Facebook, youtube…)