FISE Montpellier -

Dominik Nekolny successfully wins the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup

02 Jun 2019 20:04


Sunday 6pm, after 5 days of action it is time for the final event. 5 000 people are packed on the grass of the Lez River, definitely the biggest stage for Flatland. Time for BMX gladiators or dancers, depending on what aspects you want to underline of this fabulous sport, to close the deal.


Dancers, because creativity and aestheticism are important words (and criteria), and because this scene looks like an opera. Gladiators, because the riders put so much work into their riding, their passion. When they enter a competition they make sure to focus on their run and give their best. We can feel the competitiveness between the riders, but don’t make any mistake about it, as soon as the 3 minutes run is over, they all celebrate each other and share true moments of camaraderie.


Matthias Dandois was inviting his favourite crowd to cheer for Dominik Nekolny the winner of today ; a proof, if needed, that Bmx Flatland is the perfect showcase for actions sports. The very precise and strong run of the czech rider seduced the judges and as Matthias couldn’t land his last link, Dominik took the win. With this first major win Dominik Nekolny takes the lead in the overall rankings.