FISE Montpellier -

Hannah Roberts takes the win

01 Jun 2019 15:02

With the Olympic Games approaching, every UCI BMX Freestyle Park competition at FISE is an important opportunity to win points for the Riders and ensure their nation qualifies for the historical moment. 9 women will be in Tokyo and we can feel the pressure is on for every lady competing here today.


Everything is set for an exciting hour of bmx. Sun is up, the wind is down, the crowd is warming up ready to see the amazing progression of the bmx girls community. The panel of judges is like a hall of BMX fame, with some true legends of the discipline featured. Ruben Alcantara, Van Homan, Markus Wilke and Christie Hugues from the UK scene are judging and will give special attention to the way riders are mixing style, amplitude and tricks. 


At this game Lara Lessmann, former winner of several FISE events, is pretty good. Her full use of the course gives her the first score of reference : 84.60 pts. But the main favorites are waiting in the final heat. Nikita Ducarroz manages to pull her signature 540 but that will not be enough to beat the speed and amplitude of Perris Benagas.


Today Hannah Roberts  was unbeatable. She did not make any mistakes, she completed a perfect run, starting with a whip on the spine, and ending with a  flair. Two tricks among others that she is the only one to master so well. In her victory lap she adds a 360 tuck no hander as a proof that the margin is still large between her and the rest of her friends. 
But with the progression within the women’s category we can’t be sure that someone will not step up and surprise everyone in four months when they will meet again in FISE Chengdu, China.