FISE Montpellier -

Johnson KE'CHAUD takes the win on the SNIPES Skateboard Street

31 May 2019 19:43


How pleasant it is to see eleven different nationalities competing on this new concrete skateboard park. Different countries but the riders speak the same skateboarding language, with their own accent or style you could say. Seeing all these Latin Americans riders added to the heat of this sunny day in Montpellier. A lot of expectations were on Angelo Giovanni Caro as he qualified first, but he didn’t manage to pull his hardest trick to challenge the top spots, that were already well established when came the time of the final heat.


After a disappointing semi Simon Stricker struck back and nollied over the 80 points bar. More demanding than usual, the judges gave Japanese Ike Keyeki the first place before the Ke’chaud storm. Despite his usual flips and heel flip combos on the many rails Richard Tury, last year winner of FISE World series, ended up in 5th place. Ryo Sagawa could have claimed the win the after a very clean first run full of hard switch tricks, but he could not step up his run.  Nothing to worry, life continues and his smiles confirms that skateboarders are athletes but definitely good humans too.


Among humans, Ke’Chaud was probably one of the happiest of the day as he brought home the title thanks to a clean and fast run ended at the buzzer by a bold move : a 5 meters long transfer to rail that only he could have thought about trying. An ideal trick to close the skateboard event in front of thousands of people captivated by the show and ready for more on the other parks. See you next year skateboarders.


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