FISE Montpellier -

José Gil Torres at the top

02 Jun 2019 10:54


Every year the Spine ramp event takes place at night in front of the city hall of Montpellier, this year RADAR was organising a Rap concert on the same stage which added more party vibes to this already fun event. With Catfish on the deck ready to scream and excite the thousands of people equipped with noisemakers, it was no surprise that the riders went mental again. Like Madonna a Brazilian rider that finished his run shoe less.

Kieran Reilly, the young rider from England was the first one to launch a crazy run and managed to stay high in the standings (4th) thanks to an impossible 360 double whip to bar.

The spine ramp always hosts some unexpected moments and this time it came from Jason Watts (7th), who seemed to have a blast on his first visit to FISE. After landing his signature combo 360 tuck no hander to fakie to full cab decade, he poured his beer in his shoe, drank it and launched it into the crowd.



The whole night was just based around fun and we could clearly see riders more relaxed than on the Park course on the day time. Less pressure for a “old” vibe contest. Mark Webb presented another astonishing show, sending trick after trick. He has been riding so hard for more than a decade now and every one is happy to see him again performing at a high level (2nd place) on this spine ramp that he literally owns. His connection with Montpellier crowd is so unique that we can’t imagine a comp without him.



The win goes to the flying Argentinian José “maligno” Torres who we discovered some years ago on this sameramp but he still manages to get better, to go higher than anyone else. His 360’s at 4 meters higher than the double coping are one of the most impressive things we can see on a bmx. He won easily with one of the highest scores ever to be achieved on that ramp.

And now, time for the thousands of fans to continue the party in the many bars nearby, probably joined by some of the riders as the tradition of action sports.

Here, the winning run :