FISE Montpellier -

Justin Dowell wins l’UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup

02 Jun 2019 19:18



For the first time in the FISE WORLD SERIES era there was a french rider in the final of Montpellier event. Born and raised 30 minutes away, Anthony Jeanjean achieved finally one of his first goals by entering what is known as the biggest stage in Bmx. In front of 20 thousand people shouting so loud after every trick he landed. Anthony didn’t succeed on his “all in” strategy, but at this level riders must take some risks and go over their limits of full control. But what a learning experience for the talented frenchman who will surely bring back a big bag of confidence from this week.


Riding in the same first heat, world champion Justin Dowell honored his rainbow jersey with a powerful run. His combos and his signature twix (mixing a whip and a bar at the same time to create a new magic) sent on a transfer this time offered him quickly 91.20 pts, a score that ended unbeaten by his rivals.

Rim Nakamura went mental again, pedaling all over the place to go higher than anyone and launch some of his complicated combos, but judges might have noticed a few details that left him in the 5th place behind a very consistent Nick Bruce. Among the 3  Australians that rode in the last heat, only Logan Martin managed to pull a perfect run. 720 with a barspin in each of the two rotations is an huge points collector, the rest was solid and as he was assured to be third after Kyle Baldock and Brandon Loupos mistakes he didn’t push too hard on the second run. Maybe he did the calculations already that this result would give him the lead in the overall rankings. In the rankings of the nations, America takes some points back from Australia in the race for the first spot of the nations ranking which gives them an extra rider to take to the Olympics. Second place goes to Irek Rizaev who is going closer to assure himself and Russia a seat in Tokyo.

What an exciting competition this is, and another stunning show for the Montpellier crowd and for all the followers around the world. You can watch the replay to get more into the details and atmosphere of this final.