FISE Montpellier -

Misaki Katagiri excels again!

02 Jun 2019 19:01

Today at the finals of UCI BMX Flatland Women's World Cup the level is impressive, we note the high technical level of Ekaterina Kruglova who practices BMX park and flatland, which gives her a street style very interesting to watch and a certain dexterity. It is positioned in 5th place. In front of her, Céline Vaes, who has been practicing the discipline for a year has made great progress, she lands a whiplash right on the buzzer. Chance or talent? What is certain is that she has progressed strongly and progresses in style and control.

At the microphone, Kwet who is always encouraging the riders and helping them to achieve their tricks! Irina Sadovnik "Prima" takes 3rd place on the podium. It should be noted that she rides without brakes. She combines very complex and original tricks, which gives her an interesting score of 72.25 points. Julia Preuss has a lot of flow and she realizes technical tricks which puts her in second place with a score of 75 points. Misaki Katagiri sets the bar high with another level rich in control and mastery.

She closes the competition with tricks and original sequences, that place her once again in first position on the podium.

This women's competition is for the judges a pleasure to watch, because they keep on progressing, the group is settling as the stages progress and we can expect another exciting next round in Chengdu.