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Pat Casey wins the BMX Dirt final

31 May 2019 10:15

7 years. It took 7 years for Bmx DIRT (one of the original and main disciplines of FISE) to be able to return to the program of Montpellier. And well, it definitely felt pretty good to enjoy again this special atmosphere, at night, with Lionel Cardoso and Catfish sending their best « wows » as the riders went off, battling with the wind. Because wind will never leave the Mediterranean sea coast, the top dirt riders of the planet were not surprised to feel again their good old enemy. The day before was scary to watch with french Vincent Massardier sending his infamous double front flip. Tonight was just a bit tricky as the riders waited for the wind to cool down before dropping in on the big step down and jumping the next 4 sets of jumps.



It was 10pm when the dj launched his first mix including a loud and heavy « FISE world » beat. In the next hour or so the crowd kept joining the location where a huge mall called « ode à la mer » will be built in the near future. This crowd of nostalgic and curious people were pleased by the very unique show of these little bikes jumping on huge jumps, with some very agile humans doing tricks that are hard to understand. Would you believe us if we describe you that front bike flip made by Nitro Circus star Jaie Toohey ? The image should make you even more confused. It’s understandable because Jaie is one of the two guys on the planet to do that unreal trick.



Dirt is indeed a specialist thing, a straight forward show for people who like to get dirty, to feel the rhythm of successive jumps without even pedaling, to fly some seconds and sometimes land short or too far, but most of the time get up smiling because the crowd is cheering them up.  And some night, your name is Pat Casey and even with some wind you manage to land a perfect run like you trained for on your own dirt spot in your californian garden. But whoever won that night might remain a detail for the people who ran for a packed tramway back to the city, with vuvuzela in the ears and stars in the eyes. Indeed, the results didn’t matter much last night ; what mattered was that Dirt jumping has won again the hearts of Montpellier…not to mention the drone pilot who should also deserved an ovation for his back and forth run at full speed.


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Pat Casey Run