FISE Montpellier -

Semi-Final WS Roller Freestyle Park

31 May 2019 18:03


Today it was time for the best inline riders to try and get their ticket for the final tomorrow. Their aim was to use all the obstacles on the Occitanie Freestyle Park to find the good lines that would allow them to keep their speed for the big boxes, without forgetting some technical lip tricks, a grab here and there, and a big smile on their face for most of them. Unfortunately no smile at the end of the comp for Diako Diaby, who didn’t make the cut despite a huge 1260 rotation that took him two tries, and too much time to land. His first fail took a lot of energy and speed from him, and because consistency and linking as many tricks as possible is the key in modern action sports, Diako fell behind and he will have to let his usual rivals battle without him.


Among the finalists let’s celebrate South Korean rider Yoon Jay Jongh, who didn’t
travel this far to not give it his best. He ends up qualifying third. It’s so refreshing
to see so many different nationalities here in Montpellier. More than 2000
athletes and only a few will be on the biggest stage this weekend for the final.
Joe Atkinson will again be one of the competitors in the final. He managed the pressure pretty well on his second run and that sent him directly to first place in the semis. His use of the safety rail and his unique flow is making him one of the favorites to take the win in the absence of Julien Cudot, winner of several FISE stops over the past years. Who knows if Romain Godenaire will not find his rhythm back just on time to make another statement in an already packed career. Finals are live this Saturday at 6.35 pm local time on FISE channels (facebook,

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