FISE Montpellier -

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup - semi final men

01 Jun 2019 20:04


The Lez river banks are large and can welcome thousands of people seated on the hot concrete but it was already packed before the semi-final of BMX started in the middle of another beautiful day in Montpellier. So better be on time to see the action, specially when Kyle Baldock is the first rider to drop.  The Australian was on a mission, to demonstrate that his last place qualifying was just an accident. With 91.40 pts right from the start, he set the tone for the rest of the troop. One after another, the riders dug into their bag of tricks to give their best. In the semi-final nowadays there is not much margin of error and if the favorites don’t show up, new kids are ready to take their place. This is how Russian Kostya Andreev was replaced by Anthony Jeanjean who accomplished his long time goal of entering the final of Montpellier. As a local of the city, the French kid felt very emotional when Declan Brooks could not pass him on the last run of the day and he kept his 12th place and his spot in tomorrow's final. 


Before that, generational talents were battling on the field. Rim Nakamura imposed his very dynamic riding, while mid 90’s multi Xgames winner Ryan Nyquist had to stop there after two bails. The Japanese rider, only 18 years old never stops surprising. His power at such a young age is amazing and his skills set seems unlimited.  On the two top spots Logan Martin and Brandon Loupos are making Australia proud. The first one, former FISE champion, and recent father, will battle tomorrow with the winner of last stop in Hiroshima. 4 Australians, 3 Americans and 2 British riders, the nations ranking for the race to Tokyo is in full motion and leads to one of the most anticipated finals in recent years.

Winning run :  Logan Martin