FISE Montpellier -

WS ROLLER FREESTYLE - A french podium : Jérémy Mélique takes the first place

01 Jun 2019 22:03

At the time of the « Apéritif » and after a full afternoon of actions sports the Montpellier crowd was heated to cheer on the Inline riders for their last runs of the week.


As usual CJ Wellsmore shared with us a taste of vacation with his Hawaiian shirt and eternal good vibes. Another bit of refreshment and exoticism came from 14 years old rider from South Korea, Yoon Jay Jonghyun, definitely a name to learn how to spell as we will write it down on many occasions in the future. Maybe just shout his name YOOOOOOOON and wait for the brilliant actions that result. Spinning on every obstacle, his skating seems to be more mature than it should be at such a young age. He finished 5th for his first trip to Europe and made his daddy proud.


On a more usual note, the French squad was on point again this year. Yuma Baudoin (2nd), Roman Abrate (3rd) tried to challenge Jeremy Melique who was on fire all week long but they both felt short. The course seems to fit Jeremy’s style and nothing prevented him from winning the event, not even a dialled run from Joe Atkinson. Although everything looked so fine with the British rider, the judges felt it was not enough to challenge the French.  


Hands up today for Jérémy Melique who could not hide his joy. After having a kid in the past month, he is now winning his first FISE World competition. Winning a FISE is defining moment and can give a lot of confidence, obviously having a kid too.

Let’s meet in Chengdu, China in a few month, hopefully enough for Julien Cudot to recover.