FISE 2019 Best Moments   

22 Jan 2020 12:21

It’s safe to say it’s been an insane year for FISE but what an incredible one at that! Jetting around the world in 2019, riders and fans have stayed dedicated to the cause while giving us some of the most UNFORGETTABLE moments. 
To say we were spoilt for choice is an understatement, but somehow, we’ve managed to compile a tidy list of our 10 top moments from 2019.
1.     Brandon Loupos goes bigggg in Hiroshima
One moment that will forever be etched in our minds. 😱
Brandon Loupos. FISE Hiroshima. Second run.
We can’t even begin to describe this run; you’ll just have to watch it for yourselves… 

2.     Parkour at Battle of the Champions
Battle of the Champions 2019 marked a monumental moment in FISE history. 
Big names and even bigger runs took to Saudi Arabia to enter the Parkour Freestyle competition. 
With the likes of Erik Mukhametshin and Pedro Salgado taking flight on the Hurricane Parks course, the 2019 competition was not short of crazy tricks and tons of originality in the freestyle competition. 🤸‍♀️

3.     CJ Wellsmore grabs his first FISE win in Chengdu
CJ Wellsmore knows how to finish his year with a bang. 
The Aussies second run in FISE Chengdu produced one of the best we’ve seen from him AND the first FISE win of his career. 
Keep your eyes out for this one, we have a feeling his 2020 is gunna be lit. 🔥

4.     Spine Ramp hits new level in FISE Montpellier
This sure sent shivers down our spines. 🥶
Roller, Skateboard, BMX and Scooter hit the Spine Ramp head on (some, quite literally). Runs from the likes of Jose Torres Gil proved why FISE Montpellier is one of the biggest Action Sport competitions in the world.
Not to mention the surprises… Ratty Maty we’re looking at you 👀
  Skateboard + BMX = FISE Montpellier Spine Ramp 
What’s better than BMX Spine? BMX and Skateboard Spine, AT THE SAME TIME. 
A surprise acrobatic performance, worthy of the Cirque du Soleil stage from Sergio Layos & Danny Leon in Montpellier gave the crowd the wow-factor as these dare devils pushed themselves to the limit. 


5.     Bringing back the DIRT in Montpellier!
A friendly face returned to Montpellier this year, and it got a lil dirty. 
In the cover of night, legends of the BMX world took to the dirt track to hit new heights, big tricks and even bigger falls… with non-other than Pat Casey topping that sweet leader board.  
6.     What the Hull… 

The future of Scooter is here, and it’s come in the form of Jamie Hull. 🛴
The British rider lit up Montpellier in his final run with one of the most insane Scooter tricks we’ve seen this year – trust us, it’s worth the watch. 
7.     Roller & Scooters ridin’ that rail in Montpellier 
A fan favourite, unique to Montpellier, is the Roller and Scooter Rail Contests. 
Not one for the faint-hearted, riders from around the world plunge themselves onto a 23 stair rail in order to bag the best trick prize. 😅


Slams so hard yesterday's Scooter Rail Contest showed up on the Richter Scale! 💥👊 (And #FISEMontpellier LOVED it) 🙌

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8.     Skateboard superstar wows his home crowd
Kick flipping his way to the top, Ryo Sagawa produced one of the best runs FISE has seen in 2019 with an unbelievable 91.85 on the scoreboard. You might wanna see this 👇

A FISE World Series Skateboarding first...
We also can’t fail to mention a FISE first in Montpellier... 
Skateboarding got a facelift with a brand-new concrete park! Smooth moves and even smoother lines for the FISE riders as they got to skate a concrete park at Montpellier in front of their biggest crowds yet! (No pressure).   
9.     Mind-blowing moment from Diako Diaby 
Voted as the biggest WTF moment of 2019 and you can see why… 🤯
The flying Frenchman, Diako Diaby, used all sides of the course (literally) at FISE Chengdu – we’re still wondering what must have been going through his head before attempting this!


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10.  New kid on the bike…Ryo Katagiri wins Flatland at FISE Hiroshima
Ryo Katagiri representing Japan and Generation Z in the world of BMX Flatland. 🇯🇵
At only 19, Ryo is a one to watch in the BMX world as he topped the podium in FISE Hiroshima beating all the big names with a solid score of 90.00. 


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