Five of the Best Kids in Action Sports Right Now

20 Jun 2019 10:30

The next generation of action sports athletes burst onto the scene at FISE Montpellier 2019.
You could have mistaken any one of them for a seasoned professional as they mixed in with the likes of Joe Atkinson, Clayton Lindley and Ke’Chaud Johnson.
We’re going to pull five under-15-year-olds further into the limelight, and you might want to write down their names… 
Antoine Laurent (14)
MCs were left speechless and the crowds roared as Antoine shredded the concrete in the Snipes Skateboard Street Pro Semi Final. The young Frenchman came out of nowhere to qualify 6th going into the semis. 
Attacking the biggest rail on the park, Antoine threw tricks that pushed out some of the professionals. Already skating like he has 20 years under his board, you’re not going to want to forget this name!
Jayden Sharman (14)

Sandwiched between world competitors in the Scooter Freestyle Park Final was 14-year-old Brit Jayden Sharman. New to the scene after going from amateur to pro in 18 months, he caused a real battle for podium places in Montpellier. His clean runs, massive amplitude and daring lines challenged the leaders and catapulted him to a fourth-place finish.
But he wasn’t done there. Jayden added a third place on the Spine Ramp and somehow managed to pull off a Stanley flip to double whip with a buttercup on the end to win the Scooter Freestyle Best Trick contest!

Daniela Terol (10)

As the youngest athlete on our list, Daniela Terol certainly makes up for her youth with incredible talent. The Spanish skateboarder is often the only girl at the skatepark – but it doesn’t deter her from striving to be the best.
Daniela topped her second place in the Madrid FISE European Series by claiming gold at Montpellier. Now she’s setting her sights on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – and she’s got the entire FISE family behind her! 


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Jay Jonghyun Yoon (14)

Jay Jonghyun Yoon’s runs were evidence of meticulous planning and preparation, including a detailed mapping of the course and trick possibilities. His delivery was evidence of young talent at its finest.
After finishing third in the World Skate Roller Freestyle Semi Final, the Korean found himself surrounded by FISE legends as he waited to debut in the Montpellier final. Throwing a 900 like it was nothing, he shredded the course with ease and finished just off the podium in his first European competition. This guy is going in only one direction – and that’s up! 
Esteban Clot (14)

It was a FISE moment for the books when 14-year-old Frenchman Esteban Clot pulled out all the stops in a life-changing 50 seconds at the Scooter Freestyle Park Pro Final. 
After a heavy-hitting run, he whipped up the French crowd to stick one final trick on the buzzer. The tender moment brought tears to Esteban’s eyes as Montpellier crowds welcomed a new star to the Scooter scene!
‘I finished 6th in Pro against the best on the planet. Arriving at the FISE, I did not even think to pass the qualifications, but today, I'm in the final. […] The pressure at 14 was not easy to manage, [but] it was the moment [of] my 4 crazy days.’ - @estebanclottt, Instagram

FISE World Series next touches down in Chengdu, China on 31 October. 
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