UCI Urban Cycling World Championships 2021 -

Irena unbeatable once again!

08 Jun 2021 14:47

The last day of the 2021 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships presented by FISE did not disappoint as we witnessed Flatland masterclasses in the Men’s and Women’s Finals.

The judges for the finals were Johann CHAN, Frank LUKAS, Alexis DESOLNEUX and Michael STEINGRAEBER.

The format was the same as the semi-finals with each rider getting just 1 run of 3 minutes to produce their absolute best performance, talk about pressure!

Irena Sadovnik from Austria produced a huge performance to be crowned the 2021 UCI BMX Flatland World Champion once again. She produced a perfect run full of complicated combos, including an amazing cross handed whiplash and is maybe the only woman in the world pulling that trick. A score of 88.33 was enough to take the gold. Describing her win she said:

“It's really amazing, I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream”

In second place was Julia Preuss from Germany who impressed everyone with her abilities on both the front and back wheel.  Her mega spin was super stylish in a run which was scored 80.67 by the judges to earn her the silver medal.

In 3rd place Celine Vaes, which is an incredible achievement for a woman who only got into the sport a few years ago.  You could tell she had been putting in the hours on the bike and she pulled a Whiplash to Pedals that was really cool. 

Top 3:

1-Irena Sadovnik 

2-Julia Preuss 

3- Celine Vaes,