UCI Urban Cycling World Championships 2021 -

Logan takes home the gold medal and is crowned 2021 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Champion.  

07 Jun 2021 18:24

Logan “the machine” Martin pulled off an unbelievable run to take home the gold medal and UCI Rainbow Jersey, scoring 94.7. His run had everything, massive tricks and flawless execution including a Nothing Front Bike Flip which he perhaps learned from teammate Jaie Toohey.

In second place was Daniel Sandoval who had been on fire all contest. His new training regime is definitely paying off and he landed a double decade that blew everyone's minds. He scored 92.96 to earn the silver medal.

Taking home the bronze medal is Marin Rantes representing Croatia. He pulled off a clean run full of tricks to score 90.90 points. He landed a huge Backflip double tailwhip that all his fellow riders appreciated.

Top 3:

1. Logan Martin

2.Daniel Sandoval

3.Marin Rantes