FISE Montpellier


29 May 2022 10:22

Where were you Saturday night? We've all heard this jealous question before, when our phone is left on airplane mode in the pocket. There are times at a festival where you let it go, where you no longer try to find your lost friends, where you forget to eat but not necessarily to drink, where you simply enjoy the present moment. At FISE we know that it takes place once a year on the town hall plaza, in this mysterious place where batman is probably hanging around, where we only go for administrative matters, at worst for a French tacos, best for a dip in the pool at the Marriott. But most of all it’s this place where Thomas Debatisse and Catfish pump up a crowd of festival-goers who are only waiting for one thing: to hallucinate, in all legality. You will not be surprised to learn that the magic has once again worked with crazy actions on the famous spine ramp. We share this with you as it came into the world:


8th - Luis Rincon has recovered well from his best trick the day before and continues to impress us. 

7th - Gustavo Oliveira continues to shine in all his chrome, he will be easy to follow in the future.

6th - Very good idea to rip Ashley Finlay's tshirt freeing a huge tattooed face on the back and also freeing his typical British madness.

5th - Daniel Dhers finishes his best run with lovely downside toothbonk that shows he still has so much fun on his bike. We like it.

4th - Kevin Peraza does the best 180 flip over spine in the world. Again, again, again!

3rd - An application is being developed to count the number of barspin in Jacob Thiem's ​​3.6... 4 according to the Darryl Nau patrol.

2nd - After a crazy energetic run, Kieran Reilly offers a double flair out of time and just for fun.

1st - The coordination required to perform a twix is ​​insane (whip and bar in the same movement), congratulations Justin Dowell for mastering it perfectly. And a well deserved win.

All - The intensity of a spine ramp run is unthinkable, thanks to all the riders for this renewable energy every year. Now it's up to the festival-goer to continue getting lost in the night. We will meet again tomorrow for the last day.