FISE Montpellier


29 May 2022 18:43

It was an intense day on the Street Course for the BMX riders today as they had qualifications and finals to contend with.

Over 70 riders entered the qualification contest to compete for one of the 12 places in the afternoon final. The format for the finals was 2 heats of 6 riders, each rider had 2 runs of 50 seconds and it was the best run that counted. The performance of each rider was judged on overall impression including, but not limited to, variety of tricks and lines, execution, difficulty, versatility, originality, flow, style, bike control and landing.

All the riders were so impressive and the standard was really high as they all cheered each other on. In the end it was the man from Madrid Mr Courage Adams who was awarded the top prize scoring a huge 95 points. He rode with this characteristic control and style, linking tricks together with ease. He landed a flair, a trick we don't see much from him and managed to pull one of his insane nose manuals round the whole top of the park, on his second attempt. Jakub Pruzinec, from Slovakia continued his hot streak from quails and ended up in second place once again. His 180 backward axel grind hard way out was a crowd favourite. In 3rd place on the podium it was French rider and FISE favourite Anthony Perrin who has  just joined the Kink BMX Team.  He pulled a nose manual on a really thin rail that was incredible.