FISE Montpellier

Happy ending in Parkour Freestyle

29 May 2022 19:02

Power, agility, great technique, and of course, some serious cardio in order to throw flips until the very end of a 50-second run: today we meet the female athletes again on the Parkour area, this time for the finals of the FIG Freestyle World Cup. Under the sun of Montpellier and the warm cheering of the audience, another great event for the ultimate day of the Festival!

And first let's mention the hard fought battle between the Merkova twins, who both had very nice runs and received the same score. And if Adela is the most accustomed to reaching the podium, this time it is Vendula who manages to climb on the third step, just a hair's breadth away! In second place, after her victory yesterday in Speed, the Swedish Miranda Tibbling impressed again with a big run, full of creativity. But with a one point difference, the victory was awarded to the Mexican influencer with 470.000 subscribers: Ella Bucio Dovali went all in with an extremely technical run, also using the bars to throw some controlled flips as she's a trained gymnast too !

What an incredible show, performed by some incredible athletes! Today, the women dominated the Parkour set-up with several outstanding runs and the people of Montpellier made no mistake about it: loud and clear, they shouted their support and love back to these athletes, and we can’t think of a happier ending for the Parkour competitions on this last day of FISE!