FISE Montpellier -

The icing on the Scooter cake

29 May 2022 15:33

The latest addition to the big family of action sports, Scooter (or Trottinette for the French-speaking crowd) has developed at full speed to become an essential element of this urban universe. And right after the Pro finals, what’s better than a Best Trick contest (that one is self-explanatory, even for the French) to realize the obvious: Scooter is crazier and stronger than ever!

Indeed, with legendary riders like Jamie Hull and Dante Hutchinson present on this Freestyle Park 2 (they just took first and second place in the Freestyle event, respectively), it didn't take long for other competitors to try and up the ante with some of the craziest tricks we’ve seen all week. Local killer Timon Pharabod went big with a full finger front scoot, while Esteban Clot landed an insane cash roll, flying over the massive launch box... The wrong way! Two crazy tricks, indeed, yet not as crazy as Jordan Robles’ scooter flip triple bar spin: that one was truly the icing on the cake, and the Californian star rightfully takes home the cash prize and Best Trick award!

Right after the best tricks tackled and the winners crowned, the public moved just a few meters out of the park for a rail heated by the Roller the day before, in an equally overexcited atmosphere. A dozen riders rushed over these 23 steps without any apprehension to give the public an exceptional show, between ever more complex tricks to tackle to the end of the rail and impressive falls. Lucas Di Meglio takes first place with 4 big tricks landed without failing including a board slide back lip and a fifty fifty over fifty fifty. Adrien Kingolo aka Akimzou follows him with his “dingolo” and Adrien Pierqun with a fifty fifty board slide before a nice fall.

Mouth agape, short of breath, half-deaf thanks to the roaring of the crowd: that's the state we end up in after attending this kind of show! Absolutely crazy performances, genius riders: thanks to the Scooter community for sharing such a thrill with us on this FISE!