FISE Montpellier -


29 May 2022 14:14


The level was incredible today in the Scooter Freestyle Park Finals as the Pro’s gave it their all on the  Hurricane Parks ramps, in front of a packed crowd.


12 athletes had qualified and they each had 2 runs of 50 seconds with the best run counting. The judges were looking at the difficulty of the tricks, the risk taking, the style, and the amplitude.


Jamie Hull, winner of FISE Montpellier in 2019, had already won the Spine at the start of the week and he set fire to the banks of the lez to keep his winning streak going. He landed so many tricks including a double flair, his perfect runs scored him 93.50 points.


Dante Hutchinson, the big star and world champion in 2017, joined us from Mexico where he was for a more street-style competition. He put on a big show with tricks worthy of a gymnast. His versatility

and his legendary amplitude ignited the Montpellier crowd and he scored 92.25 points.


An exceptional level in this final, Jordan Robles, a new recruit from California came 3rd in his first FISE with 90.50 points.


In fourth place is Frenchman and Montpellier resident Timon Pharabod, barely 17 years old and he landed all his tricks perfectly, which left us with goosebumps!