FISE Xperience Le Havre -

Lucas Di Meglio take the Gold in Scooter

28 Aug 2021 18:56

Warm crowd vibes, riders on a stratospheric level qualified as "aliens" by the judges, pro riders among the best national ones, that justifies the lit atmosphere on the Bowl of Le Havre at the end of this afternoon.

Already in yesterday's qualification, it had been difficult for the judges to decide between the participants and it was after many debates and particularly tight scores that they distinguished the finalists of the day. The level of this Saturday's contest represented the same challenge, where they mentioned that it's the first year Le Havre stage has welcomed so many "big names" from the French Trott scene.

On the first step of the podium, we find Lucas Di Meglio who settled in thanks to his versatility and his complete use of the Bowl. Special mention for his never-before-seen bangers on this spot, all landed perfectly with style. He is closely followed by Nicolas Vaz, who stood out for his consistency and the apparent ease of all his tricks. Nelson Charles’s run earns him the bronze medal, including a rarely attempted transfer he highlighted with a Frontflip.

Alongside this exceptional contest, Amateurs and Kids were not left out, however, and were trying some new lines not even seen on the pros contest. This was the case for PJ from Le Havre, only 14 years old, who dropped in some gaps where no other has dared to risk, confirming that the next generation is already very solid in their runs.