FISE Xperience Le Havre -

Mix & Match : Raph & the Rookie

28 Aug 2021 15:18

One has been riding for more than twenty years and trusts all the biggest international competition podiums, the other for 4 years and obtains his first results on national contests, both are on FISE Xperience Series stage to share their passion for BMX Flatland.

Relatively confidential compared to other Action Sports, this discipline enjoys a community of strongly united riders, committed to its development. Among them, the Champenois Raphaël Chiquet is one of those pioneers who have worked for many years to democratize it in France and around the world.

This weekend, this French Flat scene iconic personality shares the stage with the young Julien Baran, who is 15 years old and represents one of the best national hopes.

Originally from Condé-en-Normandie, he received a BMX for his 10th birthday and started by joining a few riders on his local spot. Many sessions later, he won his first contests like the Cologne one (1st in 2018 and 2nd in 2019), as well as a French Champion title in Amateur in 2017. If he continues to train with the Narvalos (@lesnarvalos_BMX ), the only BMX Flatland club in Calvados, he is now joining contests in the Pro category which promise it many successes.