FISE Xperience Reims -

Wedemeijer take the gold on the last FISE stop of the 2021 season

26 Sep 2021 20:35

An international start list, a crowd on fire massed in front of the Porte de Mars fully captivated by the level of the last final ensured a lit end of season for the FISE Xperience Reims.

Different styles of riding, as much focused on bangers as on aerial lines, ensured to make the most of the Park.

During this eclectic final, a special mention distinguishes Kristof Krausz who was the youngest to qualify. After pulverizing yesterday's qualification, he made a few small mistakes today, which cost him the podium.

Same story for Maxime Vautrinot, who execute a clean and precise run with a Roll in on the Ledge Bar out and a gnarly Transfer in Condor.

Third of the day, the French Florian Ferrasse, offered a high intensity run highlighted by a Frontflip, a 360 Double Whip and big Transfers.

He left the top of the podium to two Dutch, including Levi Weidmann, who scored banger on banger including a 540 Bar and a 720 Can-Can.

The creativity of the lines and these massive tricks were able to push Daniel Wedemeijer to his best riding, who conquered crowd and judges with his first run. With years of experience in international contests, he managed to combine speed, amplitude and ultra-technical tricks to smash the top spot. Unique rider to pass the Camel with a 360, he also land a huge Transfer in Turndown, an Oppo Flair, a 360 Whip and an Ice Peak to Turndown.