Urban Sport Fest UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Gold Coast -

Day 2 : Game Day

10 Dec 2022 13:06

This morning we start with juniors and amateurs and the level is amazing, results of the qualifications are available here in the result section. (https://www.fise.fr/fr/powered-fise-2022/urban-sport-fest-uci-bmx-freestyle-park-world-cup-gold-coast-2022/resultats#220460). We will find them tomorrow morning local time for the finals.

This afternoon, the athletes gave us an exceptional. Among the women, new faces are appearing like the first 2 Chinese in the ranking, Sun Jiaqi with 71 points and Sibei Sun, 70.4 points. An incredible level. Charlotte Worthington, 70.2 points and Nikita ducarroz, 65.6 points who take 3rd and 4th place. Special thought to Hannah Roberts who was injured on her second run, we think of her very much and wish her a good recovery.

For men, it is no surprise that Logan Martin takes the lead in the standings with 93.6 points with an exceptional run followed by Rim Nakamura, 91.6 points and Anthony Jeanjean, 89.45 points. We will also remember the best tricks of Jack wallwork and his Alley oop front flair.

Tomorrow the Final promises big surprises, and it will be a BIG day for the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup winners.

If you're not there, don't panic, join us LIVE on Eurosport or Facebook Live from 2pm (UTC+10)