UCI Urban Cycling World Championships 2021 -

BMX Flatland Qualification !

06 Jun 2021 18:59

BMX Flatland is one of the most beautiful and artistic action sports disciplines and today's qualifiers were nothing short of breathtaking. The riders get 1 run of 3 minutes to showcase their skills so the pressure is most definitely on.

The line up was stellar with some incredible riders trying to get the top spot including legends such as Japanese rider Moto Sasaki, American Terry Adams, and French riders Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois, who all have solid records in international competitions.

In the end it was Matthias who came out on top with a mesmerising run that included some new combos. His style and the way he combined his tricks earned him a score of 84.50.  In second place was American rider Terry Adams who produced some difficult technical combos to score 82.67.  In 3rd place was UK rider Lee Musselwhite who won last year's Master of Creativity. His run was full of original tricks and signature combos.

If this is the level in the qualifiers we can not imagine what the semi final tomorrow will be like.

Top 3 Qualifiers:

1. Matthias DANDOIS

2. Terry ADAMS 


Join us for the Semi-Final at 13:40 tomorrow.

How to watch live HERE


Current World Champion Irina Sadovnik is at the Sud de France Arena to defend her title. Here to challenge her are German rider Julia Preuss, Ekaterina Kruglova (Russian Cycling Federation) and two French riders Céline Vaes and Louise Seigneur.

5 riders took part in qualification and it was Irina who came out on top with tricks as technical as ever that placed her high in the standings with 77.33 points. In second place French rider Céline Vaes and in 3rd Julia Preuss who was just behind her in the points.



The finals look promising and we look forward to seeing them LIVE on Tuesday.