UCI Urban Cycling World Championships 2021 -

 Jackpot for Alex Jumelin! 

07 Jun 2021 15:11

In this semi-final it is the 12 best athletes from qualification and they have 1 run of 3 minutes to give it their all.

The objective is to do tricks on a BMX and use those 3 minutes to do the maximum number of sequences: Flow, originality and control will be taken into account by the judges.

Did you know ?

Flatland BMX bikes have become almost the same as street bikes, just different weights.

It’s the jackpot for Alex Jumelin with 93 points. He has been on the circuit for 30 years now and is a real legend in BMX Flatland. He starts off with a little combo of confidence to get started and cleanly pulls a series of signature tricks that he has mastered perfectly. The France team is there to support him in the absence of the public. The half cab nose combo. 720 nose wheelies, hard complicated tricks. 30 seconds and the perfect run won him first place in this semi-final.

Matthias Dandois gets 88.83 points to be in second position. His run began with a very strong half cab and it is the street tricks in his run that have become part of his original style. He started very young and dedicated himself to the sport. The world championships mean a lot to him. A perfect and clean run. We can't wait to see him in the final tomorrow.

Moto Sasaki gets 88 points, he is one of the best BMX Flatland riders in the world with a very particular style, fluid and fast techniques. He starts off really strong, and does amazing combos in a smooth and easy way. He changes his foot forward and backward. He crosses his legs and turns, it's a signature combo for Moto. Very nice 30 second combo. 


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